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The money is in the list and you can find the lists here at Free Safelist Directory. Email marketing long ago discovered the money is in the list. However, building an email list has proven to be a time consuming task. The list must comply with all Can-Spam opt-in advertising laws which can be achieved through various automated and manually tedious methods. First to build a large email list will require an email marketing service, website opt in page signups, social media marketing and create and sent various creative HTML email signup campaigns that motivate people to give their name and email address to you. Secondly, In most cases permission to opt-out of receiving email from you or in some cases permission to opt-in to actually receive email from you must be secured from each signup. Plus in some cases you may be required to have your signup re-affirm his permission, hence the concept of “double opt in”. Finally, you begin to realize this can take a significant amount of time and effort to achieve. However, there is an alternative solution and they are called safelist.

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The beauty of safelists is that those who have joined have already given permission to receive mailings from you. All opt-in and opt-out requirements have been built into the mailers. Also, most of them contain thousands of members already. Safelists are designed to get targeted traffic to your website. They are used to advertise websites and business opportunity utilizing email marketing and banner advertising. If your business opportunity is of interest to the recipient of your offer they are likely to join your business or purchase your offer. They also provide outstanding affiliate marketing opportunities which adds another source of income to your entrepreneur repertoire.

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However, the plot thickens! Though it is free to join, there are hundreds of safelists online. Without a reference point it is very time consuming to search out the popular ones online and join them.  Here at Free Safelist Directory you can access a web banner for over 150+ safelists from one page. Free Safelist Directory‘s display advertising to your right and below provides colorful 125×125 banners that give you an insight of what is the genre of each safelist. Than once you join several safelists you will need to employ a safelist organizer to help you organize and maximize your time. Give your email marketing a serious boost by joining the best free safelists. Join free safelists today!

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